Reza Jafarian Oriental Rugs
Reza Jafarian Services

Reza has been dealing oriental rugs for over 30 years, dating back to his first sale as a college student while attending Georgia Tech University. His expertise and consultation services are available upon request.

If you would like more information on Reza's services you may get in touch with him through the contact page.

Reza's Services

  • Decorative Consulting
  • Whether you are a new home-buyer or a proud owner of 20 years, Reza can help you find the perfect rug to complete your living spaces.
  • Rug Appraisal
  • One of Reza's common services is rug appraisal. Determining the value of your rug is no different than that of any other luxury item. Protect your investment by getting an accurate appraisal done.